250 Adventure

250 Adventure

The KTM 250 ADVENTURE is the lightweight entry into the exciting world of KTM travel. Perfect for daily commuting and even venturing out a little further into the unknown, this compact, powerful, and agile all-rounder will keep you going long after the paved roads have ended. On tarmac, this bike is sporty and loads of fun to ride, it then draws on KTM’s rally experience to ensure it is capable when the terrain gets a little rougher. Its distinctive design was inspired by the successful KTM rally bikes, but their influence is not limited to just the design, long days in the desert teach you how to balance comfort and performance when travelling great distances.

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COOLINGLiquid cooled
STARTERElectric starter
STROKE61.1 mm
BORE72 mm
CLUTCHPASC™ antihopping clutch, mechanically operated
DESIGN1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
FRONT BRAKEFour-piston radial fixed calliper
REAR BRAKESingle-piston floating calliper
CHAIN520 X-Ring
FRAME DESIGNSteel trellis frame, powder coated



A state-of-the-art, liquid cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke 250 cc engine gets you started in KTM’s exciting world of ADVENTURE. The engine is equipped with an electric starter and delivers a smooth power for playful exploration. Twin overhead camshafts, four valves and electronic fuel injection are integral to the KTM 250 ADVENTURE’s power delivery and together with a balancer shaft, they ensure the highest levels of smoothness. Its lightweight and compact construction facilitates straight air intake channels, allowing for a shortened distance for air to flow into the combustion chamber, and beyond for gas to flow to the two catalytic converters. Besides the faster movement of air and gases, it also allows the engine to warm up faster. Additionally, the two catalytic converters and the fuel tank ventilation system (EVAP system) improve emission values and prevent fuel vapors from being released into the environment, making the KTM 250 ADVENTURE extremely eco-friendly and compliant with the strict EU5 exhaust emission standards.

Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch is a unique feature that saves power and helps in slides. It opens when the engine back-torque becomes too high, preventing annoying rear wheel chatter when braking sharply or decelerating and gives the wheel just that little bit of braking for a controlled rear wheel slide. It also closes with the force of the clutch springs when the throttle is opened, allowing the clutch to be pulled with the little finger, which saves energy when riding.


The 72 mm bore piston is DLC coated for extra durability. It performs a stroke of 61.1 mm, which results in a displacement of 248.77 ccm and produces a compression ratio of 12.5:1. The crown is cooled by the oil spray nozzle, while the piston uses a continuous, low-friction, nicasil-coated aluminum wet bushing with open-deck design.

Electronic fuel injection

The 250 ADVENTURE is fitted with a modern engine management system featuring BOSCH electronic fuel injection in conjunction with a DELL’ORTO 38 mm throttle body. The system guarantees perfect throttle response, excellent fuel efficiency and low exhaust emissions.

Cylinder Head

State-of-the-art DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) technology. The four valves in the cylinder head of the KTM 250 ADVENTURE are actuated, via durable finger followers, by two overhead camshafts. This design is one of the preferred performance solutions of many offroad models, including the successful KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE. It is not only renowned for its extreme reliability, but also offers low friction, thanks to the ultra-hard DLC coating on the finger levers – a solution that makes this engine super reliable, even when pushing for longer at high RPM.


The KTM 250 ADVENTURE is fitted with a robust 6-speed sequential gearbox. The gear ratios fit perfectly to the power band of the 250 cc engine and allow you to smoothly select the perfect gear, whether it be flowing street rides or more challenging offroad escapes.

A2 License

The KTM 250 ADVENTURE matches all the A2 driver´s license requirements.


The KTM 250 ADVENTURE features a lightweight and precision-crafted exhaust system comprising of stainless steel header pipe and pre-muffler leading the exhaust gases to a slim silencer. The silencer features a light aluminium sleeve and has been positioned close to the bike’s overall center of gravity without disturbing the rider when moving on the bike. It improves balance and handling, whilst also delivering smooth, instant power. The pre-muffler is made from stainless steel. Two catalytic converters are integrated in the header pipe and pre-muffler respectively bringing the exhaust emissions down to Euro IV level.


Similar to the race proven frame of the KTM 450 RALLY, the KTM 250 ADVENTURE features an ultra-lightweight, yet extremely stable trellis frame. It exceeds all requirements for stability and controllability and is the backbone of this nimble adventurer. The forgiving balance of flex and stiffness, combined with a wheelbase of 1430 (+/-15.5 mm) and a 63.5 degree steering head angle, clearly suggest an offroad oriented layout. It is also the basis of its outstanding straight-line stability and precise and agile steering behavior.


The removable, steel trellis subframe is fixed to the main frame with 4 screws. It was developed to be compact and lightweight, but strong enough to carry a passenger and luggage, while negotiating the tough conditions that can be expected when adventure riding.


The die-cast, open-lattice swingarm is a signature element of the KTM ADVENTURE range. It is precisely manufactured with an optimized stiffness, while still offering excellent flex characteristics. The rear shock links directly onto the swingarm, reducing complexity and parts, while also enhancing the feeling of the bike’s behavior for the rider. The relatively long swingarm provides enough space for any suitable offroad tire.


With many years of development on the toughest terrain, the KTM 250 ADVENTURE draws on WP’s renowned racing experience for a great handling package that is ready for more adventure. The WP APEX suspension in the front and rear, work together perfectly with the chassis to provide comfort, control and the clearance to venture down more challenging roads.

Front Fork

The WP APEX 43 mm upside-down fork is the absolute leader when it comes to suspension in this class. Due to high-quality materials and a state-of-the-art production process, the WP APEX 43 mm fork – with 170 mm of travel – has outstanding response and damping characteristics.

Triple Clamp

The triple clamp is developed for a 63.5 degree steering head angle. It is also possible to change the height of the handlebar with different mounts available in the KTM PowerParts catalogue.

Rear Shock

The cutting-edge WP APEX shock absorber finds its way into the agile chassis of the KTM 250 ADVENTURE. It provides 177 mm of travel and is ideal for traveling long distances in tough conditions. Thanks to an adjustable spring preload, it can be adjusted for different loads, ensuring typical KTM performance with all day riding comfort.


New 5 spoke cast wheels are specifically designed to be robust enough to handle harder adventure riders in tough terrain. The 19" front wheel and 17" rear wheel are fitted with tubeless MRF Mogrip Meteor-FM2 tires, which provide excellent performance on the street, while still offering ample grip and control in the dirt.


High-quality BYBRE brakes featuring a large 320 mm front brake disk and a 230 mm rear disk work perfectly with a 4-piston radially mounted front caliper and a 1-piston floating rear caliper, to provide the ideal mix of control and stopping power, which is further supported by KTM's proven ABS system.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is a central element of the design and engineering mastery of this daily adventurer. Its shape offers excellent ergonomics, with a narrow knee area that provides great control and even fits taller riders. It has an impressive 14.5 liter fuel capacity and together with its exceptional fuel economy, is set for more than 400 km of non-stop exploring on a full tank.


As on the bigger-displacement KTM ADVENTURE machines, the KTM 250 ADVENTURE is fitted with a high-end, tapered steel handlebar that importantly, provides a comfortable riding position and maximum control.


The two-part seat is positioned for comfort and control on long rides, at an accessible seat height of 858 mm. The rider’s seat is narrower in the front, making it even easier to reach the ground. The seat cover provides a tested mix of grip and easy movement, while the foam ensures the ride stays comfortable - motivation to keep riding more and more. The seat can be easily removed for access to the airbox and a small storage compartment.


The wide and robust foot pegs come directly from the offroad models. They were developed for all day riding, standing or seated, for street or offroad boots. They have rubber inserts, which provide more comfort when riding on the street and can be easily removed for more grip when heading off the beaten track.


The KTM 250 ADVENTURE’s windshield is an efficient deflector. It has a profile that allows the rider to move around the bike freely and offers an unobstructed view directly in front of the bike, even when covered in dirt. It can also be mounted in a lower or higher position to suit the rider´s size or needs. Two windshields of different lengths can be ordered from the KTM PowerParts catalogue.


As minimal as possible and as much as needed. The KTM 250 ADVENTURE features a distinctive KTM-style bodywork, providing excellent ergonomics and an aggressive look inspired by the rally bikes. Ready for adventure, the bodywork is produced in color to help keep its appearance looking fresh, even after scratching. The tank spoilers and rear side panels are slightly wider than the seat for good control and also to reduce wear and tear on the seat. The shape of the fuel tank is optimized to offer the rider freedom of movement and the best control. The headlight mask is as reduced as possible, taking design cues from KTM’s rally bike generation to create a slim, lightweight front end. A low front fender assists with good aerodynamics and keeps spray to a minimum when travelling on the road, while a robust engine guard protects the engine and exhaust when venturing off the tarmac into the dirt.

Rider Aids

KTM develops electronic rider aids that provide more control and better performance for riders of all levels of ability, with the intention of enhancing the fun in all conditions.

Offroad ABS

Adventure motorcycling means traveling long distances and venturing into the unknown. For that reason, the KTM 250 ADVENTURE features a number of rider aids to cope with the unforeseen - like the offroad ABS mode. In this mode, ABS is completely deactivated on the rear wheel but only reduced on the front, meaning riders can lock up the rear wheel, allowing them to steer the rear end into corners. It also prevents over regulated front wheel braking, or the opposite of too much front brake pressure, ensuring the best stopping power in the dirt.
In the event of a restart after an engine stall, the ABS function retains it's memory, remaining engaged in offroad mode without the need to switch it off again.